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General Discussion
Bill, Good luck tomorrow!!
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - Sending healing thoughts
KAS (kas) - Ditto! Best of luck!
andy (shawnee) - good luck Bill, you will
bill gokey (bronco_b - Thanks all, cant wait!
sabrina (sabrinatmc) - Bill this type of surgery
bill gokey (bronco_b - Thanks Sabrina. Mike Lin
tbtrakh (tbaby) - Hope all goes well and be
linda (linda) - remember no GO PRO in ope
bill gokey (bronco_b - No GoPro??
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - Ha, ha....where theres a
delilah (delilah) - Good luck, you will be hi
maresrgreat (maresrg - Bill, well be thinking of
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - Prayers for Bill!!!
Sean McGillicuddy (s - What surgery is he having
ladygodiva1228 (lady - Hes having hip surgery.
Sean McGillicuddy (s - Ouch.Ö Good luck..
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - Hope you had a good night
memom (memom) - Riding yet? Healing wishe
maresrgreat (maresrg - Bill will be good to hear
sarad (sarad) - Sending healing thoughts
bill gokey (bronco_b - I had the operation on Fr
The Ticks Seem A Bit Extreme This Year
kkwildhorse (kkwildh - I hate to let my horses g
sabrina (sabrinatmc) - I hear ya on the tick pro
slammie (slammie) - Weather folks are saying
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - They are always bad in th
bobflyby (bobflyby) - What does everybody use t
BonBon (bonbon) - ive had good luck with eq
CDE Morgan (cdemorga - We have many folks in my
Jackie Silverman (mo - Spray your yard with Dawn
Jackie Silverman (mo - Hose not house.
kkwildhorse (kkwildh - Anyone use Freedom 45?
standrdbrdrider (sta - Freedom 45 and Equispot a
littleredhen (little - I agree, a very, very bad
memom (memom) - I use Frontline Spray for
Anyone Buy a horse from Chipaway?
festive (festiveone) - down in Acushnet? A frien
BonBon (bonbon) - Like any dealer, they don
TCB Training (tcbtra - My current lesson horse i
justthemom (justthem - I bought a pony from them
andy (shawnee) - I was there yesterday to
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - Thats great to know Andy.
BonBon (bonbon) - also, he is very good abo
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - Wow...a man who loves the
Rudy (rudy12) - Iíve dealt with them for
flyhawk (flyhawk) - I need ideas as to how to
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - Definitely pulverize and
iwish (iwish) - When I have had to give m
cob lady (cobs_and_c - When I grinded them and s
flyhawk (flyhawk) - Cob lady - How long were
susieq8163 (susieq81 - How small amount of insul
cob lady (cobs_and_c - Fly my horses have been o
Woodpeckers - Any Eviction Ideas? HELP!!
nice (nice) - As memom said, get reflec
bill gokey (bronco_b - You would be wrong...Wood
bill gokey (bronco_b - From my own personal expe
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - LOL mintgreenmt! Love you
Jess (jess) - Thanks everyone for the h
Abby Peterson (abbyp - Sometimes woodpeckers do
Heaves (RAO)
susieq8163 (susieq81 - He hasnít got worse in 10
KAS (kas) - Update: Almost weaned of
Helen Cast is in a fight for her life, and needs help!
Barbara Pedro (bmped - Please delete if not allo
kkwildhorse (kkwildh - Very sad. Thanks for sha
Digit (reflex1957) - Rainbow Rising addiction
Amazing story in Maryland
bobflyby (bobflyby) - Great story !!!
Susan G (old_newbie) - Im such a sap. Every time
Good Lyme info.
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - https://drkhorsesense.wor
Tune in this AM to Learn About the Canadian Horse!
Three Fold Farm (wee - Tune into Horse Radio Net
Connecticut Discussion
I have hay to dusty and full leaves and sharp points
susieq8163 (susieq81 - If interest please email
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - Sounds like this is suita
Digit (reflex1957) - Rainbow Rising addiction
Massachusetts Discussion
Lessons for a family of 5
Laurel Foster (laure - I have a friend who will
blucollarguy (blucol - Try Sandy Hollow Stable i
Looking to buy a small farm in Ma
Jess (jess) - jc - Yes, an enormous pro
Jess (jess) - Double post - apologies!
sabrina (sabrinatmc) - jess the housing market b
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - Yeah I hear you Jess. We
flyhawk (flyhawk) - Sabrina - I know a real e
Sharon (sharona) - https://www.equinehomes.c
Vets with cold laser
APHAgirl (aphagirl) - Not an equine vet, but I
Anita (anitachi123) - Dr. Bruce Indek is an equ
Burt and Harry (burt - Mill Valley in Belchertow
ls27 (ls27) - Jessie Springer has one b
QT board in MA or Southern NH
festive (festiveone) - Just looking around. Ther
gidget (gidget) - Forgive me for being stup
tbtrakh (tbaby) - Quarantine
Dr. Laura Carmel
countrygirl74 (count - Sorry I messed up last po
shockrahawn (shockra - I have two numbers for he
countrygirl74 (count - Thank you!!!!!! :-
Rough board
crazyrider (crazyrid - Looking for rough board i
Plymouth Thanksgiving Celebration
micomyhorse (micomyh - HELP WANTED - VOLUNTEER P
MA Based Non-Profit looking for barn to lease
Jay Alexander (jayma - Hello, Big City Equine,
sabrina (sabrinatmc) - I may know of a farm in S
Boarding North of 90
LG (ladygodiva) - Moving just outside the 9
Helen Cast is in a fight for her life, and needs help!
Barbara Pedro (bmped - Please delete if not allo
Looking to rent arena time
one1horse (one1horse - Pat has always allowed tr
New Hampshire Discussion
The Trainer's Loft - Your input wanted!
KSL (drogheda) - Also check out Equusflyve
hoofsense (hoofsense - Thanks, KSL - will check
salisburynh (salisbu - Where is the new location
kkwildhorse (kkwildh - CONGRATS!
hoofsense (hoofsense - 307 Main St, in Tilton -
8' locust fence posts
Big Bay (big_bay) - We ended up making a long
Rhode Island Discussion
Digit (reflex1957) - Rainbow Rising addiction
Reasonable board between Cranston and MA boarder
Barbara Pedro (bmped - I have a stall in Hope RI
Looking for Horse Sanctuary for 3 older horses
linda (linda) - go to conn discussion gro
Breed Chat
Standardbred trail ride/drive
Burt and Harry (burt - I am down for Athol. I ha
Big Bay (big_bay) - I agree - the weather loo
Dressage Chat
Helen Cast is in a fight for her life, and needs help!
Barbara Pedro (bmped - Please delete if not allo
Trail Rider's Forum
NEECA ride 5/19 canceled
lanorasmom (lanorasm - FYI, Just saw on their si
LHOA ride at Great Brook next Sunday
shenandoah (shenando - How was it? We did the B
Sharon (sharona) - Couldnt go; had to work.
shenandoah (shenando - Youre funny ! Yes I tell
memom (memom) - Missed you at the scaveng
Sharon (sharona) - Hi Shen, You are so n
Driving Chat
Larry Poulin?
cob lady (cobs_and_c - Larry will be doing a cli
Training Forum
Looking for a trainer
cob lady (cobs_and_c - to come to my farm and wo

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