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General Discussion
What's wrong with people.
bill gokey (bronco_b - This is what my horse Bon
memom (memom) - Wonder if owner who dumpe
bobflyby (bobflyby) - OMG that is horrible. I
I am beyond angry & frustrated.
BarnHag (barnhag) - http://www.valleybreeze.c
ladygodiva1228 (lady - OMG I cant even believe w
BarnHag (barnhag) - I am BEGGIING everyone to
BarnHag (barnhag) - The Valley Breeze 401-33
memom (memom) - Yikes!
bill gokey (bronco_b - Maybe Im missing somethin
cashela (cashela) - Apparently Im missing som
tbtrakh (tbaby) - Im confused too?
BarnHag (barnhag) - This man had all of his a
tbtrakh (tbaby) - Yikes. So wouldnt the R
slammie (slammie) - At the time all this happ
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - Perhaps a gathering of pe
tbtrakh (tbaby) - If he truly only has 3 an
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - Yes, they could still be
Tbtrak, how is your horse?
sarad (sarad) - Tbaby, just thinking abou
tbtrakh (tbaby) - Thanks again for all the
pezk (pezk) - Thx Tb for the update. Yo
maresrgreat (maresrg - So glad to hear of this v
delilah (delilah) - It is amazing how they re
memom (memom) - How wonderful!
tbtrakh (tbaby) - Yep, shes not eating a to
NH_Dressage (nh_dres - Wonderful update.
festive (festiveone) - YAY! I was hoping to come
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - You have the best vet car
delilah (delilah) - Im glad you could get her
Susan G (old_newbie) - OGM, I always love readin
BonBon (bonbon) - thats great news ! and
tbtrakh (tbaby) - Bonbon that is a beautifu
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - Still a vast improvement
maresrgreat (maresrg - TB, I cannot remember, di
tbtrakh (tbaby) - The vet said her liver wa
tbtrakh (tbaby) - And no shes not a cribber
maresrgreat (maresrg - Glad shes not a cribber.
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - I can picture all that ha
tbtrakh (tbaby) - And tonight she decided t
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - Ha, ha yeah I remember th
My Mini Has Laminitis
paula blake (blake75 - So, 2 yrs ago I took a mi
Jackie Silverman (mo - Check your mini for insul
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - The grass is probably wha
Carrots (carrots) - definitely test for IR/AC
hoofsense (hoofsense - While he is in acute stag
Jackie Silverman (mo - No problem Carrots. I wit
paula blake (blake75 - Thanks, Im currently keep
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - Your vet can do a blood t
paula blake (blake75 - I Emailed Conserva My Vet
Carrots (carrots) - Although I am a member of
Carrots (carrots) - Auto correct. ...fat depo
paula blake (blake75 - Thank you for the info, h
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - Carrots, do they know why
Carrots (carrots) - Paula, get a manila envel
Abby Peterson (abbyp - Also the fact that many p
tbtrakh (tbaby) - Im trying to learn a cras
Abby Peterson (abbyp - Cushings horses are not a
tbtrakh (tbaby) - Her stalls always filled
Aethera Nobis (aethe - As far as the minis go it
Jackie Silverman (mo - Carrots was that you that
Carrots (carrots) - Thanks Athera! Ha, ha, y
paula blake (blake75 - Thanks Carrots - I only g
Where to advertise a horse trailer
ah117 (ah117) -
ChanaDero (ujumpijum - I have been looking for a
lynch horse trans (l - try horsetrailer world .c
maresrgreat (maresrg - I bought mine off Craigsl
Solar fencing
flyhawk (flyhawk) - Because we have had rain
bythebay (bythebay) - I love my solar fencing.
Keeping horses safe from coyotes?
College Equestria (c - Thanks for the ideas and
Gigi Bee (gigi) - We had coyotes build a de
bill gokey (bronco_b - You do have to use cautio
College Equestria (c - That makes a lot of sense
bill gokey (bronco_b - This is also how coyotes
silverhorse (silverh - Wow, that man is annoying
Shed/Shelter Suggestions
bobflyby (bobflyby) - I am looking for suggesti
mollybrowndog (molly - Really should tell your h
bobflyby (bobflyby) - LOL !!! This is not being
War Baby (irish1) - A simple pole-built lean-
ruth0552 (ruth0552) - Seems like it might be ea
Long lining reins
flyhawk (flyhawk) - I am searching for someth
Carrots (carrots) - I have long lines by Clay
vontragen (vontragen - Did you try Driving Essen
slammie (slammie) - I would look at Amish Har
goinwestern (goinwes - I actually have made a co
Reaction to flu rhine shot?
flyhawk (flyhawk) - Has anyone had their hors
melg27 (melg27) - My horse has reacted twic
flyhawk (flyhawk) - I hear ya! I was required
tbtrakh (tbaby) - My mare had a bad reactio
festive (festiveone) - flyhawk- my boy had a rea
pezk (pezk) - Usually rabies has been w
flyhawk (flyhawk) - I split up all my shots a
jen (jen) - I started using Vaccine D
spur (spur) - My guy is super sensitive
Looking for puppy
Alexis Ingraham (sun - Ihave a litter of ADBA pu
TJlonerider (tjloner - Alexis, do your dogs have
sarad (sarad) - The 19th is Clear the She
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - TJlonerider, email sent.
Black Prong
flyhawk (flyhawk) - Is anyone familiar with b
Gaited horses
jackdaniels (jackdan - Does anyone show their ga
MrPerfections (mrper - Where do you live? there
jackdaniels (jackdan - I am in R.I. on the ct. B
delilah (delilah) - I used to take my walker
Kristen Gildea (kgil - Unfortunately due to movi
Classifieds sale is back for the weekend
EquineSiteBB (admin) - Ends Monday morning.
EquineSiteBB (admin) - I guess a lot of people w
Connecticut Discussion
Digit (reflex1957) - I am joining the Y and wo
Digit (reflex1957) - there would also be a 20%
Digit (reflex1957) - Really?? No One..
Massachusetts Discussion
keabow114 (keabow114 - PREFER A YOUNGER CAT OT K
sabrina (sabrinatmc) - hey keabow we have a few
sabrina (sabrinatmc) - for anyone looking for ki
silverhorse (silverh - Not sure where you are lo
bythebay (bythebay) - It always amazes me too S
keabow114 (keabow114 - i live north of boston.
ruth0552 (ruth0552) - Theyre charging for barn
sabrina (sabrinatmc) - yeah they will be spayed
Looking for board near Needham
Maxzee (maxzee) - Try Hillside Stables in M
Looking for shavings
Southridge Farm (sou - Southridge Farm in Walpol
Two stall barn in Westford
Jay Alexander (jayma - Email address on blue doe
MrPerfections (mrper - Hi Jay, I just emailed yo
Rhode Island Discussion
Rte 6 Foster/CT line
mustanggirl (mustang - Anyone know what they are
cob lady (cobs_and_c - solar farm
mustanggirl (mustang - Thanks! I was hoping it
Horse sitter
cob lady (cobs_and_c - Annie thanks for the tip
Gaited horse trainers
crazyhorse (crazyhor - sorry was on vacation.tha
Barn Rental
athenaisis (athenais - If Smithfield works for y
Trail Rider's Forum
Horse vacations?
mustangmare (mustang - Just got back from a long
memom (memom) - Thanks for the update, th
Great Brook question
Telca (telca) - Thank you, Sharon
Training Forum
Scared horse?,
bill gokey (bronco_b - Just for discussion. Im s
bill gokey (bronco_b - Hes much better but no wa
memom (memom) - Poor horse, a long way to
Trouble catching a horse?
bill gokey (bronco_b - Not for everyone but it w
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - I cant say Im a fan of th
delilah (delilah) - Seems dangerous.
bill gokey (bronco_b - Ill make a video this wee
maresrgreat (maresrg - I watched till only 23 th
maresrgreat (maresrg - Watch John Lyons. When h
bill gokey (bronco_b - I knew I shouldnt have po
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - I think we all understand
bill gokey (bronco_b - Did it ever occur to you
hoofsense (hoofsense - Well have to agree to dis
missmagetta (missmag - Why is it always if you d
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - I am not talking about Ch
Reg B (regb) - Other than the larger sca
festive (festiveone) - I dont normally comment o
Abby Peterson (abbyp - I would encourage those w
bill gokey (bronco_b - Why ride a horse? Theres
bill gokey (bronco_b - You watched it right Abby
bill gokey (bronco_b - At 3:26 youll see that yo
littie1 (littie1) - Bill, love your videos, I
maresrgreat (maresrg - Everyone has their own me
bill gokey (bronco_b - I understand mares. Than
bill gokey (bronco_b - Mares, I dont want you to
memom (memom) - Im with Abby on this one
delilah (delilah) - I get it if the horse is
bill gokey (bronco_b - The easiest way would hav
maresrgreat (maresrg - She was traumatized from
bill gokey (bronco_b - I went back out this AM w
bill gokey (bronco_b - I just dont see any traum
memom (memom) - What a great read you hav
tbtrakh (tbaby) - Looks like it worked. Non
maresrgreat (maresrg - Interesting herd dynamics
bill gokey (bronco_b - Lots of people can relate
delilah (delilah) - Thats so my horses!!
bill gokey (bronco_b - Ha, I had you in mind whe
bill gokey (bronco_b - Last one, all done for a
maresrgreat (maresrg - That is one good looking
linda (linda) - thanks for the ideas,buck
bill gokey (bronco_b - Been using wd40 for years
memom (memom) - Wd40 great for getting bu
bill gokey (bronco_b - Yes memo, it works great
memom (memom) - Ahhh, burdock was the wor
Just for conversation.
bill gokey (bronco_b - Im sure in the end, I hop
Don't panic, just turn
bill gokey (bronco_b - Cant wait for winter. No
delilah (delilah) - Really beautiful except a
Photo & Video Sharing
Nice ride with Willy Nelson
bill gokey (bronco_b - Yesterday...https://www.y
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - Like! But not love cause
Equine Health Forum
Who recommend a sheath cleaner
susieq8163 (susieq81 - I have 2 gelding that ne
bobflyby (bobflyby) - Will your vet do it? My
Jackie Silverman (mo - Check out Beneath the She
flyhawk (flyhawk) - Jackie that sounds hyster

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