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General Discussion
Milford CT Board Desperately Needed
missmagetta (missmag - Iíve had some incredible
MrPerfections (mrper - I will ask around.. I kno
missmagetta (missmag - Thank you. I believe the
Scoot Boots -- owners only please
chrisl49 (chrisl49) - Id like to hear from anyo
WillyG (willyg) - Love them. Have used jus
chrisl49 (chrisl49) - Thanks for your feedback
Sharon (sharona) - OP, you might want to go
chrisl49 (chrisl49) - Thanks Sharon. Good idea.
aharlov (aharlov) - I am a stockist and have
aharlov (aharlov) - I even recently went in t
chrisl49 (chrisl49) - aharlov, thanks for your
Jackie Silverman (mo - Saw them at Equine Affair
chrisl49 (chrisl49) - I did an initial 3 mile b
aharlov (aharlov) - Yay! I love them. Ive had
melg27 (melg27) - I recommended them to a f
chrisl49 (chrisl49) - I did my second demo on o
Any Vegans out there?
bobflyby (bobflyby) - Looking for a good multi
Emily Phillips (dust - I really like Now, Deva,
Susan G (old_newbie) - Ever since I saw an expo
tbtrakh (tbaby) - I feel a huge difference
bobflyby (bobflyby) - Susan I agree but from wh
bill gokey (bronco_b - I had debilitating arthri
tbtrakh (tbaby) - Bill I wasnt trying to sa
Emily Phillips (dust - Just want to add as an MD
bill gokey (bronco_b - Trust me, Ive been around
tbtrakh (tbaby) - If I didnt have pet insur
tbtrakh (tbaby) - I basically broke the ban
maresrgreat (maresrg - This is one of those comp
maresrgreat (maresrg - One more... https://www
Cloud hoof boots
cob lady (cobs_and_c - Has anyone used these for
lss (lss) - I have used them. I like
dehda01 (dehda01) - My horse lived in them fo
Just Horses' Shirley Winer is retiring
Big Bay (big_bay) - Passing this along in the
Equine affaire MA 2018
bill gokey (bronco_b - Just got back, wish I cou
slammie (slammie) - One of my friends rode in
bill gokey (bronco_b - I dint see the Fresians,
flyhawk (flyhawk) - The young ladies who rode
Richard A (gusjack) - We give our horses a smal
tbtrakh (tbaby) - Do they eat it? I tried
Stone dust riding area
chrisl49 (chrisl49) - One thing you need to kno
bill gokey (bronco_b - My outdoor arena was excl
Connecticut Discussion
Equine therapy program seeks assistant
edq (edq) - Still available?
Western riding instructors
Linda Simonson (hors - Does anyone have any reco
Where I can get inexpensive round pen panels
sabrina (sabrinatmc) - I bought mines used 2 yea
sabrina (sabrinatmc) - https://capecod.craigslis
festive (festiveone) - if youre on face book. Th
Massachusetts Discussion
Hay is for horses
Leo (grendelsmoder) - I thought I posted a few
Hay cost???
flyhawk (flyhawk) - What are people paying fo
cob lady (cobs_and_c - Im very lucky as I still
flyhawk (flyhawk) - I just touched base with
cob lady (cobs_and_c - bad yr for hay, just to w
cayuse2 (cayuse2) - I am paying between $8 an
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - Wow! I paid 5.00 a bale,
maresrgreat (maresrg - My hay guy charged me 6.5
flyhawk (flyhawk) - Maresgreat - can you shar
Frost Free Hydrant, needs repair/replaced?
masthill (masthill) - Have had to replace a few
NH_Dressage (nh_dres - I have dug out 1 of our 1
NH_Dressage (nh_dres - This image helps explain
NH_Dressage (nh_dres - The suction test is easy.
Pony pooping problem
Emerald Equine (pony - I have a pony who has bee
Melissa winsor (dogg - I had a mare on cubed for
delilah (delilah) - Try Platinum Bio Sponge,
flyhawk (flyhawk) - I second the Bio Sponge.
cashela (cashela) - I know a pony that lives
Emerald Equine (pony - Thank you all. He seems t
delilah (delilah) - I bought it at Allivet an
cmorgan (cmorgan) - You might want to try Rat
Farriers that trim barefoot and vice versa
bill gokey (bronco_b - Burt and Harry. All the
New Hampshire Discussion
I need hay
Leo (grendelsmoder) - Here it is 2018 and I fin
Driving Chat
sea of horsies (sea_ - Just now saw this. My bik
Learning and driving buddy(ies)
sea of horsies (sea_ - Congrats! I actually just
Photo & Video Sharing
Cold, snow, a beautiful day
bill gokey (bronco_b - Its coming, cant wait, no
Equine Health Forum
Hay Pillow
maresrgreat (maresrg - Thank you for posting abo
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - Mares, there are proper w
maresrgreat (maresrg - Jc i was taught how to ti
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - Yes mares, repost how you
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - I was just reading the in
maresrgreat (maresrg - Hmmm... All very good po

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