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General Discussion
Hay stretcher/pellets
Emily (emmym) - Ok, heres an odd question
wpmare (wpmare) - Blue Seal Hay Stretcher P
tbtrakh (tbaby) - Blue Seals hay stretcher
nhequestrians (horse - Blue Seal has both large
montana (montana) - Can you use the alfalfa c
my2cents (my2cents) - Poulin Super bites are bi
chsundance (chsundan - blue seal hay stretcher t
Emily (emmym) - montana - I am looking f
wpmare (wpmare) - I use the Blue Seal in my
justthemom (justthem - Poulin Big Bites. Large
Do you use hay hoops?
lipizzans4me (lipizz - My farrier got some at Eq
aharlov (aharlov) - I got the Hay Chix one at
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - They seem like a great id
Who else noticed his riding?
lazyhorse73 (lazyhor - Is it me or does everyone
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - Ha, ha...poor horse.Loser
Joozybug (joozybug) - I noticed. And cringed!!
slammie (slammie) - Even my NON horse husband
BonBon (bonbon) - a frantic gaited horse th
bill gokey (bronco_b - HE needs a bit in his mou
bill gokey (bronco_b - A video is worth a thousa
bill gokey (bronco_b - Smooth as silk.
slammie (slammie) - As a person who has owned
memom (memom) - Poor Sassy ;
tbtrakh (tbaby) - I couldnt see the video.
vontragen (vontragen - tbtrakh, Hilarious, but g
tbtrakh (tbaby) - Lol we probably had the s
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - Not all gaited horses are
slammie (slammie) - As Bon Bon noted that poo
Kate (olympus) - I noticed that the bit wa
bill gokey (bronco_b - A rider could cover lots
slammie (slammie) - Yes you can. Folks who d
A New England Horsepeople version of CAH. Start here
Kate (olympus) - Ok, so here is one of the
donate to san luis rey fire victims, address here
maresrgreat (maresrg - Finally found address and
Chewing wood fences
vontragen (vontragen - Thanks maresgreat
Back in the saddle after shoulder surgery
Rudy (rudy12) - Iím having a torn rotator
Sean McGillicuddy (s - Funny my torn rotator cuf
flyhawk (flyhawk) - A friend of mine had this
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - The most important thing
slammie (slammie) - Having had three of these
Sean McGillicuddy (s - This is the second time t
sarad (sarad) - Ive had my left done twic
slammie (slammie) - If you can find a health
Rudy (rudy12) - Thanks for all the info.
sarad (sarad) - Believe me Rudy it will b
slammie (slammie) - I got a couple of t shirt
Rudy (rudy12) - Thanks for the clothing a
slammie (slammie) - You are welcome. Also ge
Delmar support for rescued horses and people...
maresrgreat (maresrg -
maresrgreat (maresrg -
maresrgreat (maresrg - DEL MAR, Calif. -- Johava
maresrgreat (maresrg - Theres a call by some to
California Chrome's full brother Faversham
maresrgreat (maresrg - Full brother to Californi
maresrgreat (maresrg - Faversham, new kid in tow
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - Quite cute!
25 horse killed in southern california wildfire
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - https://foundation.aaep.o
maresrgreat (maresrg - Wow, tear jerker. So gla
Connecticut Discussion
Boarding with an indoor....
susieq8163 (susieq81 - I lost all my numbers my
Linda (cuatx) - Try Windham Hill Farm in
Massachusetts Discussion
Strangles horse farrier please!
Rachel (cowboyup) - ISO a farrier local to Cl
Horseless rider looking for ride time
aramisamiss (aramisa - Experienced adult rider a
Rudy (rudy12) - I sent you a PM
Boarders! Let's talk holidays..
darkstarpony (darkst - What do you do for the ow
yankeeclipper (yanke - I made a horse head wreat
flyhawk (flyhawk) - Those bracelets with the
BonBon (bonbon) - Cash. Gift cards. Movie o
festive (festiveone) - I got the other trainer/b
slammie (slammie) - We have a barn party in J
Jackie Silverman (mo - The boarders at my barn g
trevorsmom (trevorsm - At one barn, I used to sh
kkwildhorse (kkwildh - If your barn owner/barn m
delilah (delilah) - 3 of mine are at home, bu
Shavings, Hay and Grain
rudybal (rudybal) - Reevaluating current supp
bobflyby (bobflyby) - Where are you located? No
Sharon (sharona) - I believe that Greg Mille
Great Experience with ERN (Equine Rescue Network)
Jess (jess) - I will be leaving an exce
festive (festiveone) - Jess that is awesome! I a
kkwildhorse (kkwildh - Janine is amazing! What
Lessons on N. Shore/S. NH
College Equestria (c - Hello! I know there was a
TJlonerider (tjloner - I would highly recommend
Jess (jess) - As someone who designs, s
TJlonerider (tjloner - Masthill, have you found
In/out stall Northern RI/SE Mass
Cocoa65 (cocoa65) - Looking for an in/out sta
New Hampshire Discussion
Need hay
maresrgreat (maresrg - Hi Sharon, I picked up a
QHMor64 (qhmor64) - Does Greg deliver to MA?
maresrgreat (maresrg - QH, email me and Ill give
masthill (masthill) - Fitzgerald Farm in Haverh
kkwildhorse (kkwildh - I need to split a load of
Rhode Island Discussion
Horseless rider looking for ride time
aramisamiss (aramisa - Experienced adult rider a
In/out stall Northern RI/SE Mass
Cocoa65 (cocoa65) - Looking for an in/out sta
Photo & Video Sharing
Another tranquilizer
bill gokey (bronco_b - Horses help keep my head
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - NICE! Snow baths are the
sarad (sarad) - Your herd is making snow
bill gokey (bronco_b - Ha yes, theyre also getti
Jodie and Lilly
bill gokey (bronco_b - Just enough snow for a ni
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - Nice! Colleen is making a
bill gokey (bronco_b - Bills attire. It is hunt
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - I gotta say that Colleen
bill gokey (bronco_b - Ha, yeah
Equine Health Forum
Bran mashes
maresrgreat (maresrg - Interesting article on br
BonBon (bonbon) - and if you really still w
mysticalgal (mystica - Really wish more people u
tbtrakh (tbaby) - One barn I was at for a f
NH_Dressage (nh_dres - One of my vets once told
bill gokey (bronco_b - My philosophy keep it si
festive (festiveone) - My boy gets soaked pellet
Poulin Forage Extender
crazyrider (crazyrid - My guy seems to be eating
Dog Chat
Heart disease in beloved senior dog
tbtrakh (tbaby) - I had a cat that had thyr
missmagetta (missmag - Thyroid is done at Radio
delilah (delilah) - Sadly Tasha was euthanize
tbtrakh (tbaby) - Im so sorry Delilah for y
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - So sorry for your loss De
delilah (delilah) - Thank you TB, I know many
tbtrakh (tbaby) - Ive been a crazy cat lady
delilah (delilah) - Thank you!

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