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Bulletin Board & Chat
General Discussion
Retirement Farms
luckysmom (luckysmom - I am curious if anyone ha
iwish (iwish) - I have many years experie
luckysmom (luckysmom - My email is kpdemd@gmail.
ujumpijump (ujumpiju - I have a farm in Douglas
lancers Patriot (lan - I use a farm in VT, they
NHR Looking for new Cat(s)
sarad (sarad) - Well, its been several mo
sarad (sarad) - Bump. Rustling in pantry
tbtrakh (tbaby) - Yikes. The MSPCA and ani
delilah (delilah) - Get a female if you want
tbtrakh (tbaby) - Ive found the old myth ab
bigthuddy (bigthuddy - When I was looking for a
sarad (sarad) - Well, I for one am not op
tbtrakh (tbaby) - Lol Ill keep an eye out.
Horse Consignment
festive (festiveone) - asking for a friend. She
ujumpijump (ujumpiju - Lyons Gate Farm in Dougla
Kentucky visit
flyhawk (flyhawk) - Im planning a quick trip
justthemom (justthem - I was at the KHP last Nov
Another nor easter
Gigi Bee (gigi) - I love New England and th
tbtrakh (tbaby) - It took me over two hours
Jackie Silverman (mo - Springfield only got 4 in
tbtrakh (tbaby) - I dont even know how much
chessibelle (chessib - Nothing to do with the no
tbtrakh (tbaby) - That study is awesome! I
chessibelle (chessib - Youre most welcome! I th
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - Interesting article. I th
chessibelle (chessib - Its probably easier to te
pezk (pezk) - Anotherone coming folks.
tbtrakh (tbaby) - WTF???!!! When???!!!
aharlov (aharlov) - Wed night to Thurs AM, 8-
tbtrakh (tbaby) - Aaaaaaaaaaggggggggggghhhh
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - No snow predicted here in
shockrahawn (shockra - ...sigh.. At least my ani
tbtrakh (tbaby) - 5-8 inches predicted here
flyhawk (flyhawk) - Well, it stinks, BUT Flor
pezk (pezk) - Dont think spring has arr
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - Now they are saying we wi
maresrgreat (maresrg - Starting at 8 tonight and
maresrgreat (maresrg - Sabrina WHOMP, WHOMP! No
Sean McGillicuddy (s - Noonish and still nothing
pezk (pezk) - Tonite or late eve, noon
HELP Need Western Youth Show Saddle
mistletoe (mistletoe - Hello Western Pleasure ri
$$$ of brake job for 2 horse bumper pull
flyhawk (flyhawk) - Anyone know the approxima
sarad (sarad) - Definitely a Reg type que
Reg B (regb) - For traditional reasons a
sabrina (sabrinatmc) - REg is right on the money
Reg B (regb) - Oh yeah, sorry I forgot t
Sean McGillicuddy (s - If your going to have the
memom (memom) - And check that rodents ha
blucollarguy (blucol - Check this site for prope
CBD (hemp) oil for horses
flyhawk (flyhawk) - Has anyone used this to c
Carrots (carrots) - Hmmm, following. Are you
flyhawk (flyhawk) - Yes, I am. We are running
missmagetta (missmag - I know for many dogs it h
flyhawk (flyhawk) - It certainly will be expe
nhcavalry (nhcavalry - We use it for our dogs an
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - Dont know if this might b
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - This is a better one: htt
Carrots (carrots) - Well, I am with you fly h
ah117 (ah117) - This product was recommen
flyhawk (flyhawk) - Finding the correct dosag
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - Carrots, have you tried M
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - Insulin resistance Says T
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - I did find this: Steer cl
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - I hope some of this is h
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - This article had some goo
Chris (jiggysmom) - I was just looking up a s
Staining/ painting a barn
Willow (greymare) - Has anyone recently paint
festive (festiveone) - get a sprayer.
delilah (delilah) - My how is shiplap and my
memom (memom) - Id go with stain, less p
flyhawk (flyhawk) - I used a roller which wor
Reg B (regb) - High pressure airless spr
Ma. Drivers license renewal
Reg B (regb) - The real ID thing was a c
pezk (pezk) - But you dont have to have
Reg B - truck & trailer question
michelle (cwgirln) - What are thoughts of 2016
Reg B (regb) - Check that the 1500 can h
Looking for a western saddle
delilah (delilah) - Need used 16 FQHB want a
montana (montana) - Call Candy at All the Pre
ladygodiva1228 (lady - To bad you didnt need a 1
Kiowa (kiowa) - What kind of western sadd
delilah (delilah) - Just a pleasure saddle to
Kiowa (kiowa) - Between myself and my bar
Public Service Announcement
Sharon (sharona) - Do not wear fleece to the
champ (champ) - Also do not put on lip ba
tbtrakh (tbaby) - Lol, Ive probably done bo
Reg B (regb) - Did you ever talk with a
Horse Vacations
Beth (jusmiceelf) - White Stallion Ranch in T
nhcavalry (nhcavalry - Best place to ask would b
MrPerfections (mrper - Agree with Delilah. Try n
Anita (anitachi123) - Alfalfa is very alkalizin
Connecticut Discussion
Hay for 25 year old horse
susieq8163 (susieq81 - Real bad time finding sof
rider (rider) - We had an old campaigner
Massachusetts Discussion
Horseless rider in Acton looking for 2-3 days/wk riding
Nathalie OCallagh (n - I have many years of expe
delilah (delilah) - PM me
bigthuddy (bigthuddy - I might have something fo
Trusted house sitters
Leo (grendelsmoder) - Anyone have experi nice i
Jeff Livingstone (hi - Seems a little silly to m
bythebay (bythebay) - Check out T
bobflyby (bobflyby) - I would be very hesitant
Susan G (old_newbie) - Yeah, I agree with bobfly
Crane Beach
MrPerfections (mrper - No I dont .. we are looki
Digit (reflex1957) - Anyone in the Chicopee ar
Digit (reflex1957) - No one really.. friend ne
Lonely Goat
Marla A White (white - 10 y.o. pygmy goat just l
andy (shawnee) - If I had a goat I would t
very_busy (very_busy - I have a 4 yr old neigeri
Barn Help
Nady Peters (nadyrp) - Weekend AM position: turn
Leo (grendelsmoder) - And where are you?
Bristol Aggie Tack Sale
Becky Tanger (beckyb - OOOH I would love to know
Gigi Bee (gigi) - Id love to know too. Doe
bythebay (bythebay) - Sorry- it was held at Bri
Rhode Island Discussion
Horse needed; long shot
littleredhen (little - After years of having tra
ISO: Barn help in exchange for full board
horseluvr (horseluvr - Did you find someone?
Western Chat
Youth Western Show Saddle Wanted
mistletoe (mistletoe - Great, thank you, will re
Equine Health Forum
CBD (hemp) oil for horses
flyhawk (flyhawk) - Has anyone used this on t
Dog Chat
Hypothyroidism in a 3 year old dog why?
tbtrakh (tbaby) - So hes been on the thyroi
Jackie Silverman (mo - How old is he?
tbtrakh (tbaby) - Then yesterday this woman
tbtrakh (tbaby) - He turned 3 in November.
jcluvhrses (jcluvhrs - Sounds like the thyroid m
tbtrakh (tbaby) - Hes not hyper though just
Jackie Silverman (mo - If I had looked at the ti
tbtrakh (tbaby) - Ive read that about neute
Jackie Silverman (mo - It could be a combo of hy
tbtrakh (tbaby) - I agree that training las
Jackie Silverman (mo - Even at home dogs will fi
dehda01 (dehda01) - Well he is about ready fo
tbtrakh (tbaby) - Yes all the tickborne dis

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